Pich Promotion


Founded in 1989 by Christian Terassoux, Pitch Promotion is one of the main independent players in the French real-estate promotion market. The Company is active in both the office and residential segments in the Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse regions.


Faced with a crippled 2008 real-estate financing market, the Group decided to raise capital in 2009. The entirety of the reserved capital increase was funded by Florac.

The Meyer family thus became the reference minority investor alongside the Founder, with the objective to finance new projects and enable the Group to pursue growth.

Main Achievements

With Florac’s support, Pitch Promotion revenue expanded from c.€200m in 2009, to c.€350m in 2015.

Pitch Promotion was approached by Altarea-Cogedim and bought out in 2016. Christian Terrassoux remains CEO of Pitch Promotion and has joined the Altarea-Cogedim Board of Directors. The Meyer family continues to be involved in co-promotion operations alongside Christian Terrassoux.


Investment date

February 2009

Divestment date

February 2016


Real estate promotion

Investment type

Growth capital


Paris, France

Revenue 2009


Headcount 2009



Pitch Promotion