Brico Privé


Founded in 2012 by Julien Boué and Marc Leverger, is France’s leading website for flash sales of DIY products. The Company offers a wide range of quality products at discounted prices via a dozen of new sales per day. Thanks to its strong market position, product curation acumen, and digital expertise, the Company has rapidly grown into a leading player with sales of nearly €100m in three geographies (France, Spain and Italy) and two business segments (B2C for its main website and B2B with its subsidiary Racetools).


Florac invested in Brico Privé in April 2018. Co-founders Julien Boué and Marc Leverger and minority shareholder Ardian France reinvested in the acquisition alongside Florac and its co-investor, Kartesia.

Key Achievements

Brico Privé España and Brico Privé Italia were launched in February 2016 and July 2016, respectively, to serve Southern European markets. The Group subsequently acquired Racetools in July 2017 to expand its presence in the B2B segment of trade tools. The latest acquisition is Noova, an online platform selling innovative products, which was acquired in November 2017.


Investment date

April 2018

Divestment date

October 2020


DIY online flash sales

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Toulouse, France

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Brico Privé